#5 - Mottos

Everything happens for a reason and trust the timing of things. As cliché as those two phrases are, they are words I live by. My mottos, so-to-speak.

“The mistake we make as human beings is how we attach ourselves and our well-being to external circumstances for validation. The irony is that some of the greatest awakenings we often have are triggered after things don't work out." 

A lot of times things don’t work out the way you planned. I launched the Sheen website as an e-commerce platform in September 2013 and I was so sure things would be work out as expected. I had planned it an entire year ahead (so, technically, 2012). Little had I known, that pretty much everything I started with then: my logo, the branding, the website, my designs, my choice of metal, my target market, my packaging, my distribution and probably a lot more “big” decisions I made, would change and evolve so much.

If I could give advice to my then 24-year-old self, I would say two things.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff because things will keep changing.

 2. Be flexible and open to change.

So many things that were planned, didn’t happen and so many that weren’t, did. As long as you have a vision and/or mission in mind, you’re on track …hopefully. 

Nosheen BakhshComment