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This collection was inspired by my trip to Jaipur and Udaipur which are part of Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India. The intricate details found on the beautiful palaces and ethnic royal jewelry from the region have influenced the designs of this silver or chandi collection.

Lotus Clam Earrings.jpg


My hope through this collection is to keep my Grandmother's memory truly “Aisha”, or alive. The collection is a true reflection of her style as well as Kashmiri art and culture in general.



The Gul Collection, which is made in 18k yellow, white and rose gold is inspired by my mother, Bilquis, commonly known amongst family as Gul or Gulli, which means rose in the Kashmiri language. I wanted to design a collection that would portray her beautiful grace and elegance, inspiring pieces that were both delicate and powerful, while incorporating the use of positive, radiant colors.

Rose Quartz Arabesque


The Arabesque collection was inspired by Islamic art and architecture. This collection, made in 18k gold, is designed using four arabesque/geometric motifs. 



This small experimental collection was made of exclusive one-off pieces. The idea behind it was to try combining different materials; acrylic flowers, floral beads and zircons. 



This was Sheen's very first collection! This is how it all started. Made in sterling silver and zircon, the inspiration for all the designs was Kashmiri art and nature. As you will see, some of the pieces are gold and black rhodium plated.